Dry Cleaning Pickup and Dropoff

Collins operates a dry cleaning pick-up and dropoff service to businesses in the London area twice weekly. To have your business added to the list, fill out the form below. There is no extra cost for the service. Any time you want to add more people to the list, have them fill out the form below. Billing is done by credit card on a monthly basis, and only the cost of drycleaning services used are billed (no subscription fees)

Frequently asked questions

How do I start the program?

Sign up using the form above, and include your credit card information. Your card number is stored securely. You will receive a bag with your name on it on the next delivery day. When you are ready to send items in, fill the bag and leave it for collection.

When and how do i get billed?

Billing is done once a month by credit card for all dry-cleaning orders processed during the month.

When is pickup and dropoff?

Our driver makes his rounds on tuesdays and thursdays. Clothing left on tuesday will be delivered cleaned and pressed on the Thursday. Pickups on Thursday will be returned the following tuesday. When we arrive to drop off your cleaning, we will also return your bag so that you can fill it again.

How do I send in my dry-cleaning?

You will be provided with a dry-cleaning bag with your name on it during our first visit. Put the clothes in the bag and leave it in the designated area (to be determined on our first visit). When we drop it off, we will also bring the bag back.

Special Requests?

If you have special stains you want us to notice, please indicate. We will do our best and let you know if there are difficulties with your items.

Dry-cleaning price list
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