Small Business Fund Nominee Stories & Voting


Amherstburg, ON

*Answers below are taken verbatim from entry.


I worked from my home, in a small room that used to be a bathroom, for 2 years.  It was funded by my Grandfather who wanted me to succeed in the
business.  Once I was comfortable enough to leave my kids with a sitter, I decided to find a small place to rent. I live in a small town with a lot of support from the community, and was offered a small office space in a local realtors office.  I worked there alone for 2 years before deciding to move again and hopefully expand.  My mom and I came across a small quirky building and before I knew it, as a family, we were renovating again. I hung old pictures of my grandparents as my way of thanking them for getting me started and used antique vanities as stations to add character and give it a "homey" feeling.  I approached 2 friends in the field to take the leap with me and be chair renters in my new salon and they agreed.  After 2 years in that location, it was time to move and expand again. I am now in a stand alone building on the busiest street in town, I have 5 other hairstylist working with me and have rented out a portion of my building to an esthetician.  I have maintained the cozy feeling I had in the smaller salon,  and over the years have built up an amazing team of colleagues and clientele that feels like family.


Unlike some small businesses,  I Dare Your Hair is not eligible for any of the government supports  other than the CERB which thankfully has been keeping my business afloat during this difficult time.  Our main focus has been reassuring our clients along the way that we will be back one day and ready to offer the same level of expertise.  

During this difficult time we have realized what we miss the most about our jobs....the relationships!!  Our clients have shown us so much love and respect and we have done our best to show them the same in return. We have offered advice, if someone is feeling a little down and has decided that they need bangs, we have directed them to the proper colour choices so they can cover their roots and even have just reached out to see how they are doing.  
We can't wait to get back behind the chairs to reconnect and help our clients look and feel amazing!!


Unfortunately, this pandemic will continue to affect us financially.  As we return to work, it will be impossible to operate at the level we were before this all happening. We will no longer be able to accept more than one client at a time.
As much as this will be hard to navigate we have decided to take this opportunity to focus on making everyone's experience, coming into the salon as amazing as we possibly can.  We will be able to devote all of our time to each individual client and hopefully be able to deliver even better work than in the past.

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