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We sell the brands we wear.

Suits from Paul Betenly, David Major and Renoir, dress shirts from Soul of London, Lief Horsens and more. These are a few of the brands we are proud to showcase in our showrooms.  For your feet, check out our shoe collection from brands like Florsheim, Etnies and Stacy Adams. Underwear from 2Under, Saxx and Pullin. We also have high quality belts, wallets and many more accessories.

Make it your own.

suit measuring

Custom shirts and suits

Nothing feels as good as a dress shirt you designed yourself. Pick the colour, fit, pattern, fastenings and more. Top it off with a monogram and you've got a shirt that is uniquely you. When you buy a shirt at Collins, you buy into a family that knows how to take care of a customer. Buying a suit from our custom suit program is a great way to stand out, because it is truly tailored to fit you.

Need to take care our your purchase? We also have our own in-house dry cleaning facility that knows how to take care of your clothing, and an excellent tailoring team.


Hundreds of items for sale online!

Underwear, socks, shirts, suits and much more, all available for purchase. Quick shipping or curbside pickup (participating locations) also available.

Meet us in person.

In-Person and online virtual appointments now available. Choose your look and we can put it together for you, we can even help you with measurements and booking.

Online Shopping

100+ Great T-Shirt ideas

Collins has a wide selection of great T-Shirts in our store. Find shirts for every holiday, plus wedding themed shirts and much more. Our shirts are nicely priced and super comfy! If you don't find what you want, visit our custom printing section and suggest your own design! You'll be surprised how affordable it is!

Custom cufflinks finish your look!

Choose from hundreds of designs or create your own!


Canada Strong

If we learned anything from the last year, it is how much we owe to our local customers and business partners that support us. Canada Strong was created to give back to the frontline workers, community businesses and customers that support us.