You've heard the term "let's get this bread" but what about the loafs?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

More specifically, loafers. And lots of them. This sock-less, lace-less shoe trend has taken over men’s closets. Can we blame them?  Few things are more freeing than bare ankles and slip-ons, no matter the occasion. 

It’s a staple of every snappy dresser to have at least one pair of quality loafers to slide on and complete a look. But where to start? With so many options available(and there are a lot), it’s hard to decide exactly which style of loafer fits your lifestyle. Keep reading for tips on how to wear loafers like a boss.

What is a loafer?  It used to be synonymous with slipper but, though still reflective of the loafer's casual roots, the design has evolved to become more than just Sunday footwear - the loafer has slipped its way into formal wear. However, no matter the style, all loafers share these three characteristics:Slip-On/Slip-OffNo Laces, Velcro, or BucklesDifferent Materials and Colours  Here are the three key loafer styles we're looking at:Penny Loafer A classic nod to the loafer style, these originated in the fifties and have been associated with preppy style in the past. However, these shoes are now a simple and classic way to integrate into the loafer lifestyle.Tassel Loafer Alluding to an Italian style, these dressy loafer options are often made in leather or suede.  This type of shoe is often paired with a cotton suit or slim-fitting chino pant. Gucci Loafer Also known as a 'horsebit' loafer, the Gucci loafer is the most distinct of loafer styles. This timeless shoe is associated with metal clasps. Its bold style is why we suggest keeping a classic colour such as black or brown in your wardrobe.  

Which look are you trying to pull-off? Depending on the style and material, each of these loafers can make or break your look. Casual Look for: Suede and other lightweight textures and simple designs; play around with colour(light blues and greens are ideal for the casual look)Semi-Formal Look for: Leather or suede textures; think Tassel or Gucci loafer for this style as they pair well with blazers and suits; a pop of colour from your shoe will pull a neutral outfit togetherFormal Look for: Patent leather or velvet; bold textures(i.e. sequins, sparkles); classic and luxurious looks suit this style best; the added detail of a tassel or clasp will embellish your overall appearance  With Socks The general rule is don't wear socks with your loafers - or at least wear no-show socks. If you simply must wear socks, with the right outfit and the right loafer, it can be pulled off. The key is funky socks, but pay attention to the colours and match the tone of your outfit and shoes. When wearing statement pieces like a bold pattern shirt or sport coat, opt for a smaller pattern on your socks for balance. 

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