Top 3 menswear trends of 2019

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Men's fashion has officially surpassed women's in industry growth and is showing no signs of slowing. Shocked?  We're not. Clothing serves a function beyond style and as the world evolves, clothes do, too. Men are increasingly caring for their appearance and so labels are adapting and innovating to mesh comfort and function with fashion and style. Athleisure wear is one trend resulting from this innovation, but it's not the only one. Premium brands are taking men's dress needs seriously by using high-quality material blends, unique stitching patterns, and patented fabric technology(yes, 'good' clothes do involve technological innovation - that's why Curt Collins himself hand picks each item we carry.)

We narrowed down the top three menswear trends across generations that will see out 2019 and stay for 2020.  

#1. Tailored & Custom   Whether it's handcrafted accessories, bespoke detailing, made-to-measure shirts, or straight-leg jeans, tailored and tapered is back. Fitted for function, comfort, and style, custom-made gives a look and feel that you won't find off-the-rack.

#2. Unique Colours & Patterns Classic attire has come back in style with a fun and modern spin. It's about standing out and expressing yourself. Button-up shirts aren't just solid or plaid anymore. Colourful, intricate patterns are becoming a staple in the modern office - how else does one match banana socks? (*we keep limited stock of every pattern so we can guarantee you'll be a showstopper).  

#3. Loafers Yes. Loafers. The modern style of a dress shoe with the comfort of a sandal. It's a simple way to elevate any casual outfit and one more way gentlemen are putting a modern spin on the classic suit. Wear no-show sock liners for a seamless look. For those that really want to make a statement, Giorgio Brutini makes loafers with flare.

And there you have it. The overarching menswear trends of 2019: Slim-fit, custom-made, expressive, comfortable, and functional.  For a simplified, hassle-free shopping experience, book a free consultation with us. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to figure out what you like, need, and want and then find the best fit and style for you.  

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