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Made In Canada

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Made In Canada

But what does that actually mean?

Author: Emma Earley

For those that may not know, I’m the Marketing Assistant at Collins Clothiers (Collins Formal Wear), a family owned, locally operated business for three generations. Like many businesses, we were deemed non-essential resulting in our showrooms temporarily closing and an unfortunate mass layoff. Shortly after, Curt Collins (the owner) came to us with a brilliant idea. Less than a week later and without missing a beat, our team rose to the challenge to create and launch Canada Strong. A campaign featuring branded apparel sold online to support small businesses and front line organizations. While the response has been tremendously positive, there have been a few negative comments questioning why we deserve support because the hoodies aren’t manufactured here, and I want to take this opportunity to clear-up any lingering confusion.

Comments have included:

· “Another one, off shore hoodies.…we need to be supporting Canadian companies.”

· “so not manufactured here, no thanks”

These comments, while they make sense, are short-sighted. No, the hoodies are not manufactured here, but our supplier is in Toronto. The logo and various designs are created in-house by our staff. The printing initially started in-house but, due to high demand, has been outsourced to local printers. This is another way to support local companies who have seen a decline in business. Even the deliveries are being handled by a local courier company.

All these activities, from creating, launching, and monitoring to sorting, fulfilling, and shipping, requires staff. Between the Canada Strong initiative and producing masks in our warehouse, some of our staff have been able to return to work. This is what happens when you have a loyal business owner passionately involved with his staff and community.

By backing this campaign and purchasing a hoodie, you are directly supporting multiple local businesses, multiple local families, and impacting multiple Canadian communities. Even better, proceeds from each sale go into funds to support small businesses and front-line organizations. The heart and soul of this campaign is to support and bring small businesses together and that is exactly is happening.

It’s clear shopping local and supporting Canadian is important to people, and rightly so. The point of this post is to make you think as you share that meme about what it really means to ‘Buy Canadian’ and ‘Support Canadian Business’. I am not saying don’t pay attention to manufactured in Canada nor am I discouraging you from asking question; you absolutely should, it’s very important. What I am saying is, don’t write off an entire company as not Canadian or not local or not worthy of your support because an item they sell isn’t made here. Do your research first, then decide.

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