Can You Polish Shoes with a Banana?

Did you run out of shoe polish or just don’t have any on hand? Bananas are not only a tasty snack, but you may have heard that they can be used to polish your shoes. Bananas are an item that is a very common to many households, but the real question is, is this a myth or does it actually work? We’re here to test using bananas to clean shoes to pinpoint whether or not this notion is a suitable alternative to shoe polish.

How it Works

You may be wondering how a fruit such as a banana is capable of cleaning scuffs off of shoes without the usage of any cleaning substances. Well, one of the main ingredients in shoe polish is potassium and bananas are potassium filled. The potassium in bananas mixed with the natural oils of the banana act as a great substitute to shoe polish.


1. Peel the banana and eat it or make some delicious baked goods.

2. Rub the shoe with the inside of the banana peel.

3. Clean off the banana residue with a cloth or towel

4. Enjoy a nicely cleaned shoe while having a tasty snack.


If you’re still questioning why you should use a banana as opposed to shoe polish, we have presented you with some benefits of using a banana.

· Bananas are all natural, therefore there is no smell or harsh chemicals being used.

· Bananas are environmentally friendly and can be composted after being used.

· Bananas are cheap and easily accessible as most people have them in their household.


Our Experiment




Pretty impressive for a banana, don't you think?

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