3 Ways to personalize your Tux

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

A suit allows for a certain amount of variety - it can be casual, semi-casual, or even formal. A suit can be worn with dress pants or jeans, leather shoes or runners. You can wear a coloured or patterened button-up shirt under the jacket and a tie isn't required. But what about a tuxedo? They've evolved from classic black and white to incorporate modern trends, but there are still certain necessary components to the tuxedo that you may see as limiting your style. We have good news! That's not the case. There are lots of different accessories that allow you show of your personality.  We've compiled a brief list of these elements below. 

1. CUFF LINKS Cufflinks don't have to be boring. We offer custom cufflinks - get your favourite sports team, your favourite colour, an interesting pattern, or script.  They make great groomsmen or parent gifts, too!

2. BOW TIE or NECK TIE Choosing a bow tie or neck tie is, in itself, a form of showing your style. Traditionally, a black self-tied(as opposed to clip on) bow tie is worn with a tux but as the tuxedo takes on a more modern look, straying from black to colours and even to a neck tie, has become acceptable. If you opt for colour or pattern on your neck garment, make sure the vest, cummerbund, and pocket square match up or contrast each other - be careful not to choose clashing colours and patterns.

3. SOCKS Socks are a fun, subtle way to stand out. There are plenty of eccentric pattern socks to match up (or clash-up) with your tux. The men at your event can coordinate through un-coordination. However, if it’s a black-tie affair, wear with caution. There is no consensus as to if it’s “acceptable” to accent your tux with funky socks in this scenario, though some people have strong opinions against it. It really depends on the circumstances of the event, so use your discretion.  ​

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