2021 Wedding Trends

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As 2020 comes to an end we will see a transformation in the wedding styles that we consider trendy. As we enter 2021, we are hoping to see growth in weddings as 2020 has presented many challenges due to the pandemic that occurred. Although we are still present in this unfortunate situation, we hope to see weddings continue as they are time of joy that should be celebrated regardless of external happenings. Bringing in the new year also brings along new wedding trends. From venues, to décor, wedding attire and so much more, 2021 will have a lot in store for us.

Micro Weddings

One of the most significant changes we will see in 2021 is the size in weddings, as they will become smaller and more simplistic. Micro weddings are similar to conventional weddings, following the traditional activities with the difference being the guestlist volume. 50 people or less is what defines a micro wedding but can be more desirable as it provides a more intimate experience for both those getting married and the guests. Naturally, the guestlist will consist of the closest friends and family to the bride and groom, which allows them to spend more quality time with their guests. Also, a smaller head count follows less expenses for the wedding. This allows for money to be spent on more specific details of the wedding or on the honeymoon.

Venues & Décor

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With micro weddings becoming more common, the selection of venues increases due to the lack of need to accommodate for large numbers of people. In 2021, we are likely to see more unconventional weddings and more weddings that partake in venues such as:

  • Backyards

  • Vineyards

  • Barns

  • Outdoor facilities with tents

Regarding décor, as stated previously there is more room in the budget for decorations as weddings are becoming smaller in number. Bigger center pieces and more floral pieces are a great way to embellish scenery. It is anticipated that string lights and candles will become popular, especially with more outdoor weddings occurring. These elements of design are very romantic and are a great addition to highlighting the love shared on such a special day.


Wedding stationary is becoming more minimalistic and smaller weddings allow for more personalized and customizable wedding stationary as there are less people that require these items. DIY (do it yourself) wedding invitations will become more common as well as gratitude cards. Gratitude cards pair nicely with the micro wedding experience as there is nothing more pleasant than receiving a personalized thank you card. By doing it yourself you are achieving a more cost-effective means to putting in your own touch and obtaining your desired look. From beautifully handwritten calligraphy to personalized stamps and creative borders, in 2021 making your own stationary will become the new trend.

Wedding Colours

Colour wise, what’s in or considered trendy changes quite frequently and are vastly seasonal related. What colour scheme’s you desire can also be dependent on the venue you’ve chosen and the theme of your wedding. In 2021 we are seeing a move towards more pastel colours and surprisingly we will start to see more shades of yellow and green make appearance as summer colours. Yellow is a joyful, happy colour which can be easily paired with different shades of green, especially when creating a beautiful bouquet or centre piece.

The colours for fall 2021 consist of:

  • Burgundy

  • Rose gold

  • Dusty rose

  • Plumb

  • Gold

  • Burnt orange

The colours for winter 2021 consist of:

  • Pastel blue

  • Silver

  • Grey

  • ·Hunter green

  • Garnet red

Finally, spring colours for 2021 consist of:

  • Quartz

  • Light pink

  • Lilac

  • Pastel yellow

  • Champagne

We are hoping that 2021 will be a big year for weddings with 2020 being a hectic and nerve-racking year, preventing many weddings from occurring. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome of 2021, we will still see new wedding trends for 2021. From micro weddings to DIY wedding accessories a new year follows a different and exciting direction for weddings.

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