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Pickup Scheduling

We are moving to a new system of scheduling pickups where each store schedules their own pickups. This will ensure that boxes aren’t sitting around not picked up. Step one is to go to this address

Company name is CFW

UserID and password are your account number. This is the two or three digit number but not the province abbreviation. (login id and password) - if you don't know the number, call and ask!

screenshot of the ups user login screen

The next step is to enter the weight of the box (aprox. 10 pounds per suit, it doesn’t have to be accurate, they will weigh it later.)

Everything else is autofilled, and you have the option of selecting view and print or email the shipping label to yourself then print. They will then come the next day to get the box.

ups data entry screenshot

Once you hit PROCESS SHIPMENT, you will be able to print the label and schedule the pickup. A text link on the label page to schedule a pickup lets you choose the day and time for UPS to come to get the package. This lets you select a time within your business hours, but you must remember to do this part or the courier will not come. If you need any help, feel free to call and ask we are glad to help you.

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