Ottawa area Virtual Storefront

Welcome to our Virtual Ottawa Showroom, where you have a new and exciting way to rent or purchase a suit! Why spend time driving across Ottawa when you can meet with a dedicated specialist regardless of where you live. We offer all of the same services you would get from any of our physical stores, such as suit and tuxedo rentals and sales. Your consultation is done virtually and your items are shipped directly to you or one of our nearby pickup locations.


It only takes a few minutes

Planning or attending a wedding? It's easier than you think to rent a quality suit or tux. Our wedding specialists will meet with you virtually from your computer, phone or tablet. We will guide you through our collection and help you choose a style. For measuring, just tell us a few things about you and we can help you determine the proper size. To finish, we will take your shipping and billing info and you are done! No driving to a store, everything is shipped directly to you one week before the wedding. It's a great way to have all of your groomsmen suited without them needing to travel.

Easy process from order to return.


Virtual Consultation

Meet online with our style specialist and select your items




Measurements taken with the help of our specialist.



Your items are shipped directly to you.

Final Fitting

Try on your suit and we can help you determine if anything needs to be adjusted.



Anything that needs altering is replaced and shipped to you.



Put the items back in the box and we will have a courier pick them up

NHL Coaches trust us, you should too!

Did you know that Collins is the official suit provider of the NHL Coaches' Association? Dealing with coaches from across North America helped us build our virtual showroom skills and we have gotten quite proficient at determining the proper style, size and fit to meet our client's needs. We have been shipping coast to coast for decades, so we know how to get your order to you on time and in perfect condition. This means you can meet with us from anywhere in the world and we can ship directly to you!




Rent or buy from our virtual store

Collins measuring experts look over every aspect of your order to determine the best fit. Anything less than perfect with the fit of your rental, and Collins will make it right and ship replacement pieces out to you before the event.
In more simple terms...
we've got your back.


Measuring is easy, and we can help.

During your virtual meeting, our specialist will help you get measured. If you have more than one person to measure, we can take care of everyone at once even if they aren't in the same location, as long as they have a phone, tablet or computer to connect.


Your order arrives ready to go!

Many companies ship their suits all cramped and folded up inside tiny boxes. This saves money but means you have to press or iron your suit yourself. At Collins, we use larger boxes featuring bars and hangers that keep the suit in perfect condition to wear.

Let's start the process!

Time to get things started. Click the link to book an online consultation!