The wedding experts

Collins has been the wedding experts since 1965, so we know a lot about how to make you look and feel good. We’ve got styles from modern to classic and from dressy to casual. Plan you visit to Collins and you will find we carry many more options than you expected, in sizes ranging from children to adults. 

The Collins difference

We're winning over customers with our friendly and personal service. At Collins, we want you to be comfortable with your decision, which is why we encourage you to try on your outfit in our showroom. Bring in colour samples and we can help you match your accessories so you know exactly how you'll look on your special day!


Before your visit

We like to be prepared when we meet you for the first time, which is why we offer pre-consultations. A pre-consult can be done by telephone or virtually by video chat. You’ll talk with us for a few minutes about your wedding attire plans, which will let us put together some things to show you when you come into the showroom. 

Your first in-store consultation

Your in-person consultation will start with us showing you some potential styles based on the information you have provided us. Trying on outfits and taking pictures is definitely encouraged. Once you have chosen the outfit that speaks to you the most, we will move to the planning stage where we determine who is in your wedding party and where they will be going for their outfits.


Plan out your wedding party

Collins can serve your wedding party no matter where they live. We have corporate stores across Southern Ontario and a national dealer network with more than 150 locations nationwide. We are also members of a referral service called TuxedoFit, that makes it easier to get your groomsmen measured at hundreds of partner locations in the United States and the rest of the world.

Your pre-wedding checkup

Collins will check in with you a few weeks before the wedding just to confirm all of the details with you. This quick checkup determines if all of our information is current.  If someone's circumstances have changed and they need to be remeasured or change pickup location, this is when we make those arrangements. It only takes a few minutes and can eliminate any surprises on your wedding day. 



The wedding day is almost here. Pick up your outfit and we will inspect every inch of it to make sure you look perfect. Our tailors are on hand to make any adjustments that need to be made. After the wedding, rentals can be returned on the first business day before closing time. 


Our showrooms are full retail stores, with both casual and dressy options, so we hope you will visit us in the future after your wedding for any menswear needs. Once you have booked with us, we have your sizes on file so it makes it easy to shop for clothing in the future (or maybe someone who loves you can get you a nice present).