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Collins is a 100% family-owned and operated business. That means we run it with our hearts. The Government of Canada is only offering so much support to small business owners to support their staff and themselves. We will all feel the effects of this pandemic long after the worst has passed, and as a small business, we can’t stand by and do nothing.

We have developed this idea into a campaign to engage the community, support small business owners, and help keep our staff working from home.

How do I get involved?

It's simple. Download the social media images below and place on facebook or whatever social media platform you choose. Anyone who purchases a shirt or hoodie because they were referred by your post earns you 10% of the sale. In addition, another 10% goes into the small business fund. The customer can nominate an existing business at risk and we will choose the recipients of the fund based on their input. They can nominate your business if they want or perhaps another business in your community.

How do I get credit for sales referred by me?

At checkout, the customer is asked if they were referred by a business. They simply enter your business name in this section and that's it! Collins will make sure youo receive payment for any sales referred by your post! 

Important: Link to the Canada Strong store (NOT this page) the address for the Canada Strong store is:

Let's get the images!

Thank you so much for helping our effort. Together we can make sure we come out of these difficult times strong as ever!

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